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Tricomp is a provider of complex telecommunication and IT solutions. It was established in 1996 as a home based business that specialized in computer assembling. Today, still constituting of those who ventured into laying its foundations, Tricomp is a rapidly growing company that’s implementing government projects in Sudan and creating market for one of its own innovative software hence dynamically entering the overseas market, in particular Africa and Asia.

Tricomp’s rapid growth is relative to its open-minded approach to change and innovation. It sufficiently evades its rivals by systematically undertaking new challenges targeted at fulfilling client demands. Though IT and telecoms is considered one of the fastest evolving market in the world, our company remains one of its innovators.

Tricomp works in partnership with both professional companies as well as with private customers. We recruit highly qualified experts whom we group into task teams. We also stress on creativity and the ability to take on new challenges as part of our recruitment criterion. Though we are considered a worthy opponent in today’s IT and telecoms market, we still maintain the same enthusiasm with which we began our home based business. To this day our company motto remains technology with passion.

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